Sansa Fuze and headphone plug-in

Anybody experiencing trouble with the plug-in for headphones?!  Have had two Fuze’s and with both I had that after prox 1 year,  that plug-in wasn’t working.

Couldn’t get any sound from my headphones…

Repeated plugging and unplugging could indeed cause stress on the jack, as well as if the the plug sticks straight out. Most people find a 90 degree angled plug to work better and reduces the possibility of it getting tweaked while using the player.

The headphone plug is a weak spot, in any mp3 player, cell phone, etc., because it gets a lot of use. A surprising amount of force is applied by leverage from the plug, particularly if it’s a straight plug as Tapeworm said.

Whatever you get as your next player, you’ll just have to treat it gently. For what it’s worth, my Fuze went 2 years plus without headphone jack problems despite daily use. I finally replaced it a couple of months after the little nub snapped off the power switch–got tired of starting it with a penpoint.