Sansa Fuze and Ford Sync

I recently purchased a Ford Focus and was excited to learn that it can interface with my Fuze.  While it does work I have experienced a couple of problems.  When exiting the car if I don’t physically disconnect the Fuze from the USB port it will cause the Fuze to lock either in a white screen or at the disconnected message.  It will stay hung like that until you force a shutdown by holding up the power switch for 10 seconds.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so did you find any work arounds?

The reset you’re doing is the workaround.

The white screen also happens sometimes when disconnecting from the computer without “safely remove.” Your car stereo probably isn’t even as smart as your computer, so the partial shutdown leads to the white screen.

Holding up the power switch is called a soft reset and it solves a lot of minor problems.

What happens if you just power off the Fuze (but leave it connected via the USB cable) before shutting off the car?

It works just fine if I manually shut it down.  But you have to disconnect it to do that. 

On the plus side I figured out how to fix the problem.  Turn off the auto detect for the USB mode.  Once you set it to use MTP mode the problem goes away.  The player then turns itself off when the car is turned off and turns on when the car goes on and save the place where you last stopped listening.  This is a great little system, I am enjoying it for listening to my audio books while I’m driving.

Thanks to all for your posts.

Great to hear you’ve found a solution to making the Fuze mesh with the Ford Sync. 

I’m glad to see that MTP works for your application. The Sync system is designed to see the portable device as a player (a “media device”) as well as being capable of reading “bare” files as would be found on a memory “stick”. It’s quite an improvement, as USB compatibilities vary widely depending upon the car audio system.

On that thought, many car audio units have limited capability, only capable of seeing music files  if they are in the root directory of the connected device.When shutting off the radio, they are not as “kind” to a connected device as a true computer would be; the USB line simply “dies”, and the player can have a real time with that.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: