Sansa Fuze and Fedora 11 and Banshee (linux)

Ok I’m using Fedora 11, I have loaded Banshee on my system I can convert songs on to my player. I’m having trouble converting videos on to my player so I can watch videos and movies?  What can I use to match up with Sansa fuze using Fedora 11? or could it be the wrong format because fedora is ogg. format? And what converter am I suppose to be using to get my videos?:womansad:

Fuze only plays a very special video format. Look for “video4fuze” in another tread. This is a video converter that also works under Linux. It is a little difficult to set up, but it should also work under Fedora.

A second solution for video conversion on any linux system is described in this thread. You can go straight to the “accepted solution”. It is easy to set up and runs from command line.

I tried to load up video4fuze i need something to put into terminal to work.  It doesnt work by clicking on foxfire.  My linux is Fedora 11

Still having trouble with this what was the special format?  I been to the page its not set up for Fedora 11?

I’d like to help you any further, but I lack some essential information. Please describe the steps you are trying and where you get stuck. Error messages from your terminal would be very helpful too.

I believe it is easier to setup (command line tool) than video4fuze (GUI). has very little dependencies which can be easily satisfied by any linux distribution: Install mencoder and wine for your distribution and get and unpack AVI-Mux GUI. Again, for more information read this post in the thread I pointed to earlier.

My problem is I’m trying to find a video converter so I can convert videos on to my  sansa fuze.  The linux I’m using in Fedora 11.  When

I  open the terminal anything that I download for it doesn’t work.  I tried to use the video4fuze but it’s not compatiable with fedora 11.  So I’m kind of stuck I can download music using Banshee player  but I cant download any video to watch.   With Fedora 11  I have to use the terminal in order for anything to download.  So I need a download to put in in order for to work. 

example (yum install youtube dl) .   :cry:

I’m not running fedora but I guess you only need to install two packages: mencoder and wine. From the terminal (as root) it should be something like:

  yum install mencoder

  yum install wine

Now go and get the AVI-Mux GUI (windows) software from the web and unpack the zip archive (see my links above). Finally get the shell script and that’s it. In case of problems please provide the exact commands you are typing in and any error messages.

I have downloaded mencoder and wine and auxi mui, I’m not to familiar with wine what am I suppose to do after I have downloaded this?

First some simple checks to see if the newly installed programs are available to you. Run:

    which mencoder
    which wine

It should print something like ‘/usr/bin/mencoder’ and ‘/usr/bin/wine’. No errors I hope.

Next you need to setup wine by running


You can just accept all default settings and finally click on ‘OK’. It will create some files and directories under your HOME necessary to run windows programs under wine.

Although not strictly neccessary I suggest you unpack AVI-Mux GUI as described here (under 2.1). Note that path names can vary due to language settings.

Finally download, install and run my shell script as described here.