sansa fuze 8gig not connecting to pc

hey, my sansa fuze 8gig is not connecting to my laptop and I have win xp pro with fuze version of 1.02.31A…

do I need to update the firmware to a new one or what???

Did you try setting the USB mode on the player to MSC? Is you notebook plugged in when you connect the player?

I have my USB mode set to Auto detect.  If your unit does not detect in this mode you may have another problem.  

Does your fuse plus say “Connected” on the screen?  If so, select the sync menut button in Window media player.  You will also see it below the removeable drives Explore.

I have not had any problems connecting.  Hope this helps.

1.Turn device OFF.
2. Slide the  Hold  switch down to  Lock  (orange color showing).

  1. Press and hold the center button while connecting the device to the PC.