Sansa Fuze 8GB -> Housing Change

Hello all,

i have a big Problem,

today night my young Dog found my new Sansa Fuze and bite in the Housing.

Now the Housing is full cratches and bitesigns.

Likely the electrical functions are all ok but the player it looks terrible.

Now i would like to change the housing but i don’t found a Shop to buy spare parts and i don’t

found a repairshop in Germany (Nürnberg)

Who can help me to find this?

Kind Regards


I doubt you can find parts or anyone to change them for less than the price of a new player. Why not just put a plastic cover on it and just use it?

Hey GaryC, thanks you for the tip

Whether to proceed is a relative issue, of course.  The 8GB device had the best available capacity.  You can look at sources like eBay for a dead Fuze, hoping for a better case condition, or look for a “smaller” capacity, say a 2GB device, for its casing.

The Fuze case can be split, as described in the AnythingButIpod forum.  Follow the directions and photographs there.  I think you’ll find the navigation through the photos to be quite useful.

Take your time, as the case you’ll be popping apart will be reused.  If the tool you’re using to apply pressure to the case does not seem to work smoothly, relax, and find a more suitable tool.

Note that two of the tabs have a wee bit of adhesive on them.  For reassembly, I perfer clear silicone adhesive, as it is easily removed, flexible, and far more forgiving than “one second” adhesives such as cyanoacrylates (super glues), which also have the nasty habit of outgassing during cure, exposing any fingerprints, often in places you really would not like a permanent mark.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hey Bob, many thanks for the link to the Fuze Disassembly. This is exactly this what i search.