Sansa Fuze 8 GB Problem...It's on...But black screen, wont play, wont turn off...Nothing...

Well i have had it for about a week now…got it for christmas…it has worked fine since then…but this morning i was listening to it…one song ended…then it switched to the next one like normal…it played not even a second of it and the screen went black…but the thing is…its still on becuase u can see the back light even though its black…and the blue light around the turning wheel is on permanantly also…i tried holding the power button…nothing…wont turn off… i tried clicking all the wheel buttons…nothing also…clicked the home, the lock button…nothing also…i even tried pluging it in but it didnt even read it on the computer and nothing happend to the screen of the player…and the thing is the only way to turn it off is the power switch but it is not working…so the only thing i can come up with is to just see if it runs dead and try pluging it in…or try turning it on…or maybe it will snap out of it…i am not sure at all…but if anyone has had this problem or if it can be fixed somehow or if i can get it sent in to get fixed or something…let me know please…thank you all very much for your time and have a good one…

But for now im not going to click anything else and mess anything up… Also…i need a way…if possable…that wont deleat al of my music off it…and i cant plug it in and transfer it to the computer so im screwed…:frowning: but if nessesary so be it…

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Did you try holding the power on/off button up for 20 seconds for the master reset? (does not erase any files)


WHEW… Thank you so much! I held it down befor but i guess it wasnt long enough…it turned off and it seems fine now…omg i am so happy…lol thank you so much! have a great day and thank you again sooooo much!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I had the exact thing happen to mine! i was TOTALLY freaking out!!

A million times thank you!!!

TY so much!.. fixed it quickly!

I have Sansa Fuze 8 GB, and I have a problem to save my data on the player. I have used it to record and download music and books. I like it very much. But after I download music on the player, it turned black and after I restarted it I had a notification that the memory lack of 92 MB. I connected it with my computer because I could not have not remove file to reduce to gain back memory. I am can not list the resume on the computer even though it is connected and the battery is full. I tried to put extant memory 2 GB and 8 GB Micro SD Scan Disc and nothing works. I tried to pull on/of button and held it for 20 seconds and nothing happened. What can I do to have it work properly and save my data?

I tried to lock on/off button and had it installed to the computer and pushed << button and it worked. I like to thank forum and advise, for I gain my mp3 player back.  thank you all. Ally

I’m very surprised that so many people couldn’t figure out to hold down the power switch for an extended time to reset the device.  That’s pretty standard with most modern electronic devices.  It’s also on page 11 of the User’s Guide.  I know most people don’t read manuals/guides these days, but I would expect people to refer to them if they have a specific problem. 

@Shiftlock: I have read the manual. Unfortunately I do not possess an eidetic memory so accessing the relevant information whilst I was walking down the street wasn’t an option. Neither was rereading the manual as it was several miles away tucked away safely in a box in my flat. What I did have access to, after ringing my boyfriend’s doorbell, was the internet and a quick Google search brought me to this page with it’s very helpful answer and your very unhelpful comment. For your information I did try holding the power switch down for an extended period of time. It just wasn’t long enough I guess and as it was beginning to really hurt (cursed side effects of my medication) I had to stop. 


I hope your comment doesn’t put other people off from asking questions. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t have that much experience with electronic equipment. 


@The people who posted helpful answers - Thank you.