Sansa Fuze 4GB won't load on Winamp

I’ve always used my Sansa Fuze with Winamp, no problems.  Last week my hard drive went out and I had to replace it.  I’ve since reinstalled Winamp but now my Sanza won’t load on it.  I’ve checked Sansa’s website for driver downloads, but nothing seems to be the right one.  Winamp is working fine in all other ways.  The Sansa works with Windows Media Player, but I hate WMP and don’t want to use it.  I much prefer Winamp. 

Winamp says the Sansa is loading, but it never loads and after several seconds Winamp shuts down.  It doesn’t shut down if I don’t have the Sansa plugged in.  I never had this problem before.  Any ideas?

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Oh, btw, Winamp says the Sansa Fuze is loading, but it never actually loads.  After several seconds, Winamp just shuts down.

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. Change it to MSC.

Got it, thanks!  I keep getting a “no disk” error message now, but it doesn’t seem to affect being able to transfer music over.  Do I need to be concerned about it?

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Do you have a card in the microSD slot?

I honestly don’t even know what or where that is or if I have one on my computer.

There’s a slot in the left side of your Fuze that holds a microSD card, for more storage. Your computer sees the Fuze as two drives, the unit and the slot, and Winamp is probably looking for memory in both of them. If the slot is empty you might be getting the error message.


Ah, thanks!  I feel dumb.  Now that’s you’ve said it I know exactly what it is.  And no, I don’t have a card in there.  It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything though, so I guess I won’t worry about it.