Sansa Fuze 4GB sticks on boot image

I have been searching and trying all sorts of different combinations but I have come to the point where nothing I find works.

I am hoping to get some help for my Sansa Fuze 4GB. I only got it a couple weeks ago and have barely used more than putting a few songs on it and testing to make sure it worked the day I got it.

Yesterday I put in an 8GB Samsung class 2 SD card and plugged the player into my PC. Oddly it found the normal 4GB filesystem but not the 8GB. After a little player/frustration I thought maybe it didn’t support 8GB cards. I unplugged the player, took out the card, and put in a 2GB SanDisk card. I plugged the player back in to my computer and the screen showed the particle/flower/“SANSA” animation, a white screen, then the animation again. It then freezes at the SANSA logo.

After searching here (and Google) I have been able to “reset” by holding the slider in the power location. This succeeds in turning the player off but any time I turn it back on it simply goes through the same boot issue.  Sometimes it will only do the animation once, sometimes it will freeze at the white screen, but more often than not it will have 2 animations and freeze.

Here is what I have tried:

Power slider reset (anywhere from holding until the screen turns off to holding for 2 minutes)

I have tried getting into “MSC” mode/recovery mode by putting the slider to HOLD and holding the >>| button while plugging the player in but that doesn’t work. The player still freezes after the animation.

I have tried all other combinations of the above by holding different buttons. None have gotten any farther (holding >|| freezes at the white screen).

Without plugging it in, the player will not even power on. This could be because the battery is dead, though. I have been messing with it a lot, including leaving it on to see if it is just trying to load and simply taking a while.

TL;DR? My Sansa Fuze won’t get past the boot screen. I have tried resetting, holding buttons while plugging in, nothing has worked so far.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Let it recharge for a while. Use the force MSC method (Hold, <<, connect.)

Can your computer see the Fuze in Windows Explorer?

If it can, try reloading the firmware. Download the All Regions  .zip file from here:

Unzip it, send fuzeA.bin over to the Sansa Fuze driveletter via Windows Explorer.

Or, if it is that new and not a refurb, call 1-866-SANDISK. This should not be happening to a new unit. Cards are supported up to 32GB.