Sansa Fuze 4GB Red & Net Library

I am having problems downloading Audio Books that are in MP3 format from Net Library onto this MP3 player? The books that are in WMA format download fine. I know it has to be something with “THIS” SansaFuze because I can download the MP3 books onto a Philips GoGear with no problems. Customer Support for Net Library says the Sansa Fuze was tested with Firmware Version 1.01.11a; How do I go about getting this old firmware version?

Here’s the link to the firmware.

You’ll have to downgrade manually.  There’ll be instructions on how to do that. 

Make sure you have a version 1 fuze.  Go to system settings, then info.

Before you downgrade, you should post your question in the fuze board.  It’ll be read by more people on that board and by people who listen to audio books and use net library.

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