Sansa Fuze 2gb compatability to Toshiba Micro SDHC 4gb

I just got the microsdhc and when i tried to add videos to the card it plays for amybe about 5 seconds then my whole player just freezes. I have to reset my player just to use it again!!! Why does my micro sd card do this??? Videos work fine on player without micro sd card but I have no more room!!

See if the card is defective by getting a reader (very cheap) and connecting it to your computer.

Put your player in MSC mode. Turn off player. Insert uSD card. Connect player to computer, should show up as 2 drives. The second drive is the uSD card. Format the card in windows as FAT32 with 32k cluster size. Should work.

I don’t know what you mean by 32k cluster size

A sector is a 512-byte chunk of a disk. A “cluster” is a group of sectors, and the minimum amount (or multiples thereof) of space used by a file. “32K” means the cluster size is 32 kilobytes (32,768 bytes, or 64 sectors). The cluster size is determined by the operating system, drive format (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc.), and the size of the disk. Except for very small disks (like floppies), a cluster is rarely comprised of a single sector. A cluster marked as used by one file can’t be used by another file, even if the file doesn’t completely fill the cluster. So with 32K clusters, if you have a 1-byte file, it still takes up a full cluster (a 32K chunk) of the disk. Likewise, a 32,768-byte file uses one cluster, while a 32,769-byte file uses 2 clusters.

The Fuze works best with 32K clusters, and setting the cluster size is one of the options available with the DOS/Windows “Format” command. Search the board for “format 32k” and you should find a post that gives detailed instructions for formatting the Fuze through Windows with 32K clusters.

I’m just curious, is there any difference between a Toshiba microsdhc and a Sandisk sdhc ?

The two companies jointly own factories making chips, so are the products identical except for the branding?

I am a complete noob at this stuff can someone give me directions on how I would format this with 32k clusters?

Searching for format 32k (as recommended a couple of posts ago), turns up this:

Try opening a DOS window, go to Start>Run>CMD

find the drive letter assigned to the device.

format [driveletter:] /fs:FAT32 /a:32K

This requires the Fuze to be attatched to the PC in MSC mode (on your Fuze system settings); this is not the default. Don’t put the parens around your drive letter, just put the letter and a colon.

Thanks for the directions but I think i did it perfectly but now it freezes then if im lucky it plays a little more maybe half a sec. Now sometimes im getting a message saying unsupported format but these are videos that played perfectly before I moved them to the micro sd card. Could the card be defective?

What brand of card is it?  There are reports of videos not working properly except on SanDisk cards.

Can you leave the videos on the internal memory?

Its a Toshiba Micro SDHC 4gb and the videos work perfectly on my internal memory just not on the micro sd. I have no more room for the videos so I moved them to the micro sd card.

It could just be a slow card. I had a Patriot card from Fry’s that would play video for awhile, stop, play some more, etc. It played audio just fine.

Do you have music on the internal memory that you can move to the card, to make room for the videos?  Or is the internal memory full of videos?

No i would love to add my music to the micro sd card because it plays fine but the problem is that some of the music I have is not saved on my computer anymore and its a lot.