Sansa Fuze 01.01.15 Latest Firmware Download

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i apologize for the shouting but doesnt it annoy the fuze users when you have the same 5 colors for the players wallpaper?

x2. No.

…Adding, perhaps you suffer from Nanochromia…

What is the “QA”???


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thank You


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What is the “QA”???

Quality A ssurance. Period of time to use the firmware in normal opertion to see if any new bugs crop up and assure that the ‘fixed’ bugs stay fixed. ‘Real World’ type use & testing, not pourng over lines of code. This is usually the final testing phase before public release, whether it be a product or as it applies to this case, firmware update.

Many times when you fix one problem, that fix cause another issue to rear its ugly head.

Is there a way to sign up for autonotification of firmware updates?

Not that I know of.  You can just use the Sansa FW Updater and it will automatically d/l and let you know.  But its not that hard to check yourself.  I’m using Chrome, and I go here enough that once I type “fo” this website comes up and I press enter.  Then its a single click to the Fuze section, where you will be sure to see immediate indication of a new FW version.

Thanks Tapeworm.

Yes, a thread referring to newer firmware rev (or model innards) would be great. I just got a fuze 4gb today from best buy - the firmware says it is 2.01.09A. Haven’t seen anything until this thread saying “hey, don’t try to update your firmware with the updater.” Yikes.

I tried it before I found this thread, though, and got the 1003 error -“Failed to complete the update. If the problem persists, please contact tech support at Sandisk Support with the following error code #1003”. Of course I had already tried rebooting, formatting the Fuze, also tried running the updater in Vista in XP compatibility mode to see if that would make a difference. Nope.

back to you guys in the studio,


Yes, we should be able to sign up somehow, perhaps have a notification thread.

Here is your notification:

Be advised on Friday,  Dec 12th at 12 pm PST,  there will be a firmware update.


Best kind of notification.

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Here is your notification:



Be advised on Friday,  Dec 12th at 12 pm PST,  there will be a firmware update.



How about an RSS feed and/or a sign-up for email notification for Fuze users who don’t check in here regularly?

(Thanks Sansafix – looking forward to Friday pm!) 

That is awesome.  I can’t wait to see the enhancements to the resume feature. Really looking forward to it!

Sansafix is quite the troublemaker.

If you want automatic notification, the Sansa Updater is geared towards just that.  It will tell you there’s an update as soon as you plug in.

On the other side of the coin, it’s more fun to check in right here.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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How about an RSS feed and/or a sign-up for email notification for Fuze users who don’t check in here regularly?


(Thanks Sansafix – looking forward to Friday pm!) 

 Why on earth would you need to sign up for an email or RSS notice?  He just told you its coming out tomorrow, and you even indicated this…  As far as future FW updates go, if there’s a feature you’re missing or a bug you’re getting, chances are you’ll be on here to say something about it, in which case you’ll discover whether or not a new FW version is coming soon.  For those of us who are excited enough about new FW to want it as soon as its out can feel free to Google it once in awhile, or hey, maybe check back on here.  For everyone else, if they’re not missing anything, the news of a new FW upgrade won’t be that earth-shattering, and they’ll find out when they run the updater, or when they bother to check online.  I’m not saying an email notice isn’t doable, but really, what’s the point of it?  I hate filling up my inbox with messages to remind me to be interested in something; I either care about it enough to update myself, or I’ll find out when I care enough to check.

Sorry if that came across as offensive, not my intentions, just throwing my 2 cents in. 

But seriously, I am excited for this new FW, thanks sansafix for the clearest notification I think I’ve ever heard for anything, haha.  Looking forward to the improved navigation and usability, fix for the bug I found and continue to suffer from, and the possibility of learning a bit more about HW rev. 2!

It is a little surprising to me that people balk at the idea of automatic notifications.  About every software I know of has auto-notifications available if you request them, and you don’t have to plug anything in to get them.

We all use our devices differently.  If you’re one who plugs your device in every day or spends a great deal of time on this forum, that’s fine.  I am an audiobook user.  I plug my device in about ever 2 weeks (if that).    Until lately (awaiting an update of the resume feature) I’ve spent very little time out here on this forum.

Auto-updates would be fantastic…and I’m really fine with the idea that some of you don’t need them.  On the other hand, I do.  But don’t act like it’s some crazy, unreasonable notion.  It’s absolutely not.


  1. Umm, duh, I was speaking about future updates, not the one coming out Friday.

  2. Some people prefer not to have the updater on their computer (just like some people don’t like email notices), so that’s not a comprehensive solution.

  3. Some FW updates contain new, unanticipated features that might indeed be “earth shattering,” if people know about them. Non-obsessive, normal users may only check for FW updates infrequently (or might have a life and not want to check this site daily/weekly). Some might not ever think to come back. Too bad for them that other methods of notice they might prefer offend you so.

  4. Don’t want an email notice? Don’t sign up. Nobody’s putting a bleeping gun to your head. If someone else wants and gets an email notice how does that affect you in any way whatsoever? If so, I’ll take great pleasure knowing that my email spam torments you.

  5. It appears your solution is that everyone should act exactly like you or else they’re SOL. That some people operate differently from you and/or have different wants/desires for how they get information apparently either never crossed your mind or doesn’t concern you.

Sorry if my response is caustic and snarky, however your viewpoint struck me as extremely egocentric.