Sansa Fuse USB cable issues.

I have 2 Sansa Fuse (~9 month old) and they each came with a usb interface cable. I transfer recordings to and from my Fuse weekly. About 3 month ago one of the cables failed. That is: when the fuse is connected to the computer the fuse shows its connected and rechares battery ok. the computer sees the device (as drive E:) and identies it with the correct icon but when I go to the fuse there are no directories. This seems to point to the cable since the other cable had no issues with either of my 2 units. Now the second cable has failed with the same problem. I went to BestBuy and picked up another compatible cable from another vendor. So far is working fine.

What’s up these cables? 



Wrong forum … this is the Sansa Connect forum, as in a Sansa that’s called Sansa Connect, not a forum for discussing problems Connecting your Fuze to your PC.


FWIW, I have two Sansa cables that are over 2 years old, and have given me no problems.