Sansa Fuse Sinks but doesn't retain.

Hi All

I have the Sansa Fuse V2 2.03.33 firmware. My major problem is that when it sinks from my computer to the sansa it doesn’t retain the sink history. I sink it says I sinked I check the sansa everything if good to go. Then I unplug cable listen to music then plug it in later for charging and sinking and says sync not setup and no previous sinks.

Anybody have any ideas as to the problem? I assume it maybe the software. I don’t know what version or anything as it doesn’t say. It’s the software that comes up when you plug in the charging/sinking cable in. So I assume it’s sansa’s.


We probably need to know more about how and with what software (WMP, Winamp, Media monkey, etc.) you are “syncing” (short for synchronization).

Note: “Sinking” is something completely different . . .