Sansa Fuse 2go black

Hello everyone!

I bought a Sansa Fuze.

I plugged into an AC adapter. But it does not recharge  and the load stops after a few seconds!

I changed the auto-detect USB mode to MSC mode. On the computer, the battery charge, but it takes a long time and it’s hot! How long to charge the battery? Problem with autodetect mode with charge battery ?

I wanted to know if the firmware update does not erase the contents (mp3. …)?

Thank you

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Mine takes several hours to charge when hooked to a PC, and it does get warm. I use a charger originally for a BlackBerry and it works fine. Some chargers may produce a bit higher or lower voltage for the USB, so you might want to try another. One thing to look for is whether it turns itself on when you connect it to the charger if it’s turned off. If it does I think it suggests that the charger is supplying the right voltage.

Ok, thank you I try.