Sansa Firmware Updater fails to install every time...

I have had my Sansa View for about 2 months now. I have never been able to install the Sansa Firmware Updater. It seems to go through all the steps then it suddenly backtracks to the “Downloading the Latest Sansa Updater” and says that failed (when just a second before this step had completed successfully). It seems to successfully download it, then install it, then register it, then it may do another step or it may fail on registering… I can’t tell. All of the steps after downloading disappear and now it says that step failed and gives me the error message “The Installation failed. Please try again later.” I think 2 months is a lot later…

I am running Windows XP SP3 32-bit. The windows firewall is disabled and I use COMODO Internet Security and I use Avira antivirus. I have tried disabling the firewall and the antivirus just to see if they are causing the problem but it has no effect on the outcome of the install. Also, the COMODO logs don’t show any blocked activity from the installer (or anything being blocked at all from today). My account is an Administrator account.

Now, I think it needs to be noted that I don’t need a firmware upgrade. My player has the latest version according to the website. What I really want to do is convert my videos so that I can use them on the player. Unfortanetly there is no way to install the Sansa Media Converter without installing the Firmware Updater (ahh… how many times I have wished this wasn’t the case… but alas…).

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

UPDATE: I have uninstalled both the COMODO firewall and Avira Antivirus. The windows firewall is still disabled. I attempted to install using the actual “Administrator” windows account. Still no change in the behavior of the installer. (I redownloaded it while in the Administrator account so it isn’t even the same download.) I also tried to install it again while in my normal account after all that and no changes then either.

SOLUTION: I found a thread on the Sansa View forum that describes the necessary parameters for converting the video properly to play on my device. (Here : Since I don’t need to update my firmware (and lets hope I never have to) this is a perfect solution to me (especially considering the horrid things I hear about the SMC).

Depending upon the codecs used, and the frame rate, video and audio can “creep” out of sync.  The SMC works, but has the disadvantage of not being configurable.  Try downloading the Video4Fuze application if you cannot download the SMC.

As a video is converted, the activities seen on the screen can be intimidating, but the process is automated.

D’oh!   I misread, you have a Sansa View.  With its NVIDIA chipset, video is more streamlined, as long as you have the output specifications.  You can drag and drop video to the View.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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