Sansa firmware updater download problem

When I download the updater for the Fuze it downloads as a 346KB exe file. The Sansa support page shows it as a 3.1 MB file.I am wondering if this download file has been disabled until V 28 is bug free. ??


That 346KB is the package size, once you install it the program is 3.1MB in size.

Unless you need Sansa Media Converter, why are you bothering with the updater?

Just download the firmware, unzip it and drop it into the Sansa Fuze drive. 

And if you do need SMConverter…get  video4fuze  instead.

Ok. Thanks. I was expecting a ‘.zip’ file.:smiley:

Thanks. I may not need to update the firmware since the Fuze is working fine now. I am going to put a video on the Fuze tho so I will look at the video4fuze.