Sansa Firmware Thread

@dearpeter wrote:

This is ridiculous. I have a Sansa e250 that was given to me.

  • Good for you. That’s an awesome gift.
  • My XP system won’t recognize it, so I can’t use the firmware updater software. 
  • If it was given to you, it likely already has the latest firmware so there’s no need to use the Updater. Even if you need to update the firmware, there won’t be any more updates, so installing the Updater is a waste of time. Just follow the manual installation directions in the firmware post.
  • Switch to MSC mode in Settings > USB Mode for easier connecting with your computer.
  • Your own site says e250 doesn’t exist.
  • Really? Where does it say this? The e250 is one of several memory sizes in the e200 ‘family’ (or series) of players. There’s the e250 (2GB), the e260 (4GB), the e270 (6GB) and the e280 (8GB).
  • This thread tells me to check the version in the settings to see if it says V01 or V02
  • V1 or v2 refers to the hardware version of the player.
  • It says neither - It says 01.00.15P - there is no V.
  • You have a v1 model. The ‘P’ indicates Pacific region (as in Asia). ‘A’ is for America, ‘E’ is for Europe w/o FM and ‘F’ is for Europe w/FM capability. And yes, the .15 firmware is old; you should update it.
  • Maybe I should assume it’s ver.1 but your scary warnings make me hesitate on that!
  • You’re right, one should never assume, but according to the firmware version you listed, you have a v1 model.
  • And how do I know if it came from Europe, America, Pacific or whatever?
  • There are different firmware versions for the different geographical locations for language, FM radio settings, etc. Choose the firmware version download appropriate for where you live. All the players are made in China.

What’s your advice now? :angry:

  • Chill. Don’t be so tense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I think a portable media play should just plug in to USB and simply work. Why all the unnecessary complications?


If you want that, you can certainly spend mega-bucks and get an iPod that doesn’t have half the features nor expandable memory capabilities, and has poorer sound quality. Really, these things aren’t that complicated. Don’t look for problems that aren’t there.

First thing you should do, if you haven’t already is read the User’s Guide. It will answer many of your questions. For those it doesn’t, just ask. That’s what we’re here for. :wink:


Sorry for being so snarky. Your answers do look promising and contain a lot of info I hadn’t read in a lot of thread browsing and searching, such as the P meaning Pacific.

I soon realized the e250 was part of the e200 series, but it is true that using the site search gives “no results” on searching for e250 at this location: Results:

I guess that is because the product was discontinued. I should have searched in the support section where it does come up. Not a big deal, but since that search box was the first place I went, and I incorrectly assumed it would search the whole site, I found that to be, well, ridiculous, though I should be more polite, yes. My bad.

I did find the User’s Guide, but it didn’t make it clear at all whether one needed to run the CD install before using the device. It seemed I could infer the opposite. I then tried the firmware updator which needed the device to be recognized first. Then the detailed instructions on the manual install didn’t match the info I could access. You’ve set me straight it seems. Thanks. I hope it works. (yet to try.)

The sound quality does impress me. I will go try the manual procedure now.

I think either the connector on the device is busted or the cable I bought is bad. I’ve tried everything recommended including this. Still no device shows up in My Computer, so I can’t copy the firmware files at all. But I’ll get another cable and try again.

There is no special driver file, right? I have deactivated several Windows services. Does this device depend on any particular ones? (I guess I’m on the wrong thread now.)

It is possible you have a bad cable. New ones can be bought reasonably inexpensively on

Before you go to that expense though, you might try plugging into different ports on your computer. Back ports on desktops will provide more power and more reliable data connections as they are closer (shorter wires) to the motherboard. Front ports are convenient and personally, I have no problems with mine, but others have so try the back ports if you’re having no luck with the front ones.

Also, laptops are problematic with their constant battery conservation management. Hubs are also a no-no.

The only driver a Sansa player ‘needs’ is if you are using MTP mode, in which case the driver necessary is included in Windows Media Player 10 (or above). If you’re running XP, note that WMP 9 was included with that OS, so you may need to update if you haven’t already.

Otherwise, using MSC mode makes you player seem to your computer as any other ‘dumb’ memory device, like a memory stick, flash drive, external hard drive, etc. No additional specialized driver is necessary.


I have an sansa e 250 that dosn’t works right when i turn on the device it displays load main image failed switch to recovery mode, i try to update the firmware because the device wasn’t operating i do this several times and always have the same result

when i turn in to recovery mode the version folders has this information: 

Version Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-01.01-S301.0.1.47-D

Base Code: 05.51-S301-01.01-S301.0.1.47-D

ODM Ver.: S301-01.01-S301.0.1.47-D

OEM Ver.: S301.0.1.47-D

Build Type: -D

Build Date: 2006.10.07

Build Number: (Build 169.31)

Version Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-01.01-S301.0.1.47-DBase Code: 05.51-S301-01.01-S301.0.1.47-DODM Ver.: S301-01.01-S301.0.1.47-DOEM Ver.: S301.0.1.47-DBuild Type: -DBuild Date: 2006.10.07Build Number: (Build 169.31)

I don’t know what to do


I see that you can access the device in Recovery Mode.

Let’s try something different.  Download the following file: 1.00.12.  Connect your e200 in Recovery Mode, and run the executable file.  You will see a SanDisk splash screen on your computer, and the program will find the connected Sansa.

This application will install the base firmware on your device automatically.

Once it’s running (after the file transfers, slide the HOLD switch back to the normal position, so the Sansa will start once unplugged), your e200 will be running wiht the base firmware.

You can then upgrade this firmware to 01.02.24, the final version, following the manual installation instructions in the firmware thread.  The basic firmware is to get you running; it lacks featues like the custom EQ.

Let us know how it goes!


As for me,after reading this thread I’ll be heading for the manual procedure now. Thanks a lot hope its not late.

Is there a firware upgrade for the C150 still available today?

I think the portable media play should just plug in to USB.

i’m looking for help for my fathers’ e260

i start it up and it says it failed to load rockbox. i just reformatted it but still it won’t work. what firmware should i get??

thank you

There’s really no need for 3 identical posts in 3 different boards/threads here. In fact, it can be very confusing for both you and anyone else to try to follow and/or reply.

And as far as your question on firmware  . . . you posted this message in the Sansa Firmware Thread; if you go to the 1st post in this thread you’ll find firmware for all Sansa products. You want the one for either the e200v1 or e200v2. You should know which one you have.

i looked in the firmware thread but i can’t tell what model i have all i know is that it’s an e260

Can you start up the player normally? If so, go to Settings > Info and look at the top line. If it starts with an V01 you have a v1 model. If it starts with V03 you have a v2 model. Click the links for the correct version of firmwware for your player and follow the manual install instructions. Your player is an e260 so that means you have an e200 series player. The 60 indicates a 4GB model. The firmware is the same regardless of memory size. There are however 2 different hardware versions so that’s the need for the different firmwware versions.

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I start it and within 3 seconds some text flashes up and it dies

where can i find the c250 firmware? i see a “A” next to the version nomber!

Theres a link to the latest version for the c200v1 and c200v2 in the first post of this thread.

@maydad wrote:

where can i find the c250 firmware? i see a “A” next to the version nomber!

And the “A” just means it’s the American version. You will have to know whether you have a v1 or v2 model though, the firmware is different for each.

Is there a firmware update yet for the new Clip Sport?  I tried to install the Sansa Firmware updater (1.406 on Windows 7) and when it gets to the “Click the finish button when Windows recognizes your device”, clicking the finish button results in no action, the updater freezes.  

No. When it’s available, it will be posted both here in the Firmware thread and in the Clip Sport board.