Sansa express wont start up

So i bought a sansa express and a 8gb microSD card and soon i realized that it dont had suport for the card, since it was unable to decect any data on it, after some research i decided to update my firmware (01.01.05) to a newer version, (01.01.12).

Ok until there.

But after i put my mp3 in recovery mode and connect to my pc (holding ’ - ’ button) and then i started the update, soon windows asked to format the device, i did.

But anyway the progress bar never moved at all, before i format or after i formated.

Now the mp3 dont turn on, its like been in a eternal recovery mode, if i just put it in the pc i wont be detect, but if i put holding ’ - ’ it will be detect as recovery device, and if i try to start the update the same thing will heapen, ask to format and the progress bar of the update will never start.

All the ways i tried end up at the same place, with the stuck update and asking to format, please help.