Sansa Express - Taking It Back for a Refund Tomorrow

Bought a Sansa Express, brought it home, connected to my PC…then nothing.  XP SP2 does not recognize it, and will not install necessary drivers.  Read forums on many websites, including this one, for the past 4-5 hours to no avail.  Therefore, this piece of ■■■■ is going back to Best Buy tomorrow, and I will definitely NOT recommend this player to anyone.  If I had only read this forum before purchasing.

I am sorry to hear that you ran into problems. I bought my unit from Amazon. Other than few minor issues, mine works fine. I use XP SP2, too. my laptop is HP Pavilion. I did a tremendous search before purchasing this. I own few portable mp3 players, ipod photo and ipod nano. As far I am concerned, no gadget works better than ipod products. To me, ipods are easiest to use. I needed a little player to use at the gym. reading an article and recommendation from PC magazine convinced me that this was it. the price fell to $40 at Best Buy.
If you check ipod forums, you notice that there are also so many unhappy users!. I don’t know why people run into problems.
My biggest issue is why these companies cannot provide a very detailed manual at their web site. This manual (pdf file) should cover every **bleep** issue (FAQ’s, troubleshooting, etc.). So, we can all download this, and learn from it. But, nooooooo! They won’t do it.

I hope you will find something that will work for you.

I was under the impression that all support forums have people that complain about the product (which in actuality is a very small number).  The huge majority of people the buy the product don’t care enough to comment on how well the product is working for them.

@the OP, you probably got a lemon, it happens, either RMA it or refund it

Unfortunetly stuff happens, not everything is 100% working from every purchase.  While it does ■■■■ it happens to you, it has to happen to somebody

Example:  Stale Chips

Did the bag get punctured right off the mfg line? or the stockperson who put them on the shelf didnt care and used too much force to put them on the shelf? or was it a kid who dropped them, and the mom put them back on teh shelf to get a different one?

Since this product is made in china and from what we have been hearing from the News reports, china seems to have some problems with quality control and so it may be a problem with the quality control in making the Express and not a problem with the design.

The first one I had would shut down anytime I tried to lower the volume, so I exchanged it for another and I have NO problems since then.

If you haven’t already taken it back,  check out this thread