SANSA Express Seemingly Dead? Try this!

OK guys:

I had a friend who brought his Express to me that seemingly had died.  I tried plugging it into Win XP and the computer would not recognize it under My Computer and it would do nothing when you pressed the power/menu button.  I have replaced the LCD in many a PSP and the LCD screens utilize a ribbon cable with a hinged “flip clip” to attach them to the motherboard assembly.  I used a # 0-2 precision phillips head screwdriver to take out the two screws located next to the USB plug, then used a 1.0mm flathead screwdriver to gently pry the clips holding the two halves of the sansa together.  To my surprise, the ribbon cable looked loose and like it had come un-attached from the motherboard.  I reseated the ribbon cable in on the side closest to the edge of the case, horizontally , then used my flathead to swing the flip clip closed and re-secured the cable to the motherboard.  I pressed the power button, and it started right up.  I then plugged into my USB port on my XP machine, it recognized and it is happily charging.  This simple operation may be all you need to revive your Express with little or no fuss.  If you need help with this procedure, let me know and I’ll be happy to assist you.


I tried this and it didnt work. So what should I do now?

@shantez wrote:

I tried this and it didnt work. So what should I do now?

Did you try the soft reset? Hold the volume up button (+) and the center select button at the same time. Then try to turn on the player again.