Sansa Express - ignores SDcard files, "empty"...

Having recently updated the firmware on my Sansa Express mp3 player (best one i’ve had in years, outlasted other Sansa players), I decided to switch from the 4GB MicroSHDC card i’d been using with the player to a 8gb one after seeing how others had their players support it.

Connected to the PC, I formatted the card through the player without any problem, and copied some of the files (~100) from the old card to the new one. However, once disconnected, the player built the database quickly, proceeded to the Sansa logo, then updated from the card - but once it was done after a few seconds, it shows the expansion card as “empty”. When checking through the system info option, it shows the card as having a ~7700mb capacity, yet shows that there’s ~6,500mb in free space.

When it’s connected to the PC, the files and folders are there as if nothing’s wrong, so it seems its as if the player just ignores the files on the card for some reason.I’ve tried several times, with no difference; scanned the card for errors, found nothing. Switching back to the older card/s is flawless, and works without a hitch.

I’ve checked every forum page concerning the Express and haven’t found anything that touches on this. It never happened with the 4gb and 2gb cards i had before.

Advice would be greatly appreciated at this point