Sansa Express Equalizer custom settings

Has anyone had any problems with the custom equalizer settings on the Sansa Express?  The middle three settings seem to work properly, but the low bass and upper high settings yield unpredictable results - usually lowering the overall volume of the Express as you raise the value of the slider.

Only problem I’ve had with the custom Equalizer settings have been popping sounds if I have it set to anything other than flat on some songs. I use Ultimate Ears 3 in-ears.

I suspect the firmware is the culprit since there probably isn’t any dedicated equalizer circuitry.  I found that I can achieve the bass and treble boosts by lowering the values on the middle three settings, except that I lose overall volume.

How do you like the’s?  I’m looking for a decent set of headphones but have been pretty disappointed in all that I’ve tried.

Yeah, I’m hoping a new firmware will come out soon. I’m on the latest right now, so, if it is the firmware, nothing much I can do about it. I like being able to use my microsdhc cards.

I like my 3’s. They aren’t the best by any means, though. They can get a little uncomfortable after a few hours. I know some of the shure in-ears a more comfortable and are a little more accurate. Musician’s Friend has the SCL3’s on clearance right now for $59.00, which would be the best you could get for the price.

Shure SCL3

I believe the volume limiter is to prevent the volume from clipping. As an example, try raising the the EQ settings in windows media player all the way up; you should see what I mean. You could try cutting rather than boosting levels.

I’ve found the sound output of the Sansa Express is rather harsh using built-in EQ settings, including NORMAL. To me, the best CUSTOM settings are first and second bands +1, middle band -0, the fourth band -3, and the last band -4. I am using Philips SHN5500 Noise Canceling Behind-The-Head Headphones.

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