Sansa e280

Any ideas where i can get hold of a start up disc. for the sansa e280  mislaid mine & need one after computer crashed.

You do not need any start up disc for it to work with your computer. If is not recognize by the computer and you are using Windows XP more likely you have Windows Media Player 9 version. Simply update it to 10 or 11.

Or to make your life easier just set the Sansa to MSC mode (Settings > USB mode > MSC).

thanks for info, still having problems, just not doing something right!!      using windows professional. when connect the e280 to computor.tells me found new harware  mtp player,  then says if hardware came with installtion  Cd of floppy disc  insert now. won’t let me go any further.

Like Jamieson said, you probably have too old a WMP to use MTP.  Either update WMP, or just use MSC Mode (which won’t require any software at all).