Sansa e280 with extra files ".ds_" files?

I have a Sansa e280 for a few years now, and just recently got a macbook. After I had files from my PC on my sansa. I was having issues with files, so I formatted it last night and tried to put files onto the unit with drag and rop into the music file folder.

But everytime I load a song, from my itunes (mp3 files) I get these “._Love song” files that are extra and will not play. They are useless files I cannot get rid of, but they come with every song I put in the player. Then they compile in an “Unknow Folder.”

Does anyone know how to get rid of these files, or find them in the unit and delete them?

Please help. 

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I found the issue myself, here is where I got a clue

But this tool works really well, just follow the instructions to a T…

apparently it is left over files from converting using iTunes, in my Macbook.

So if you have a similar issue, hope it helps…helped me!!!

Message Edited by Laurencia7 on 03-19-2010 11:30 PM