Sansa E260 v2 won't start, also not recognized by PC

Hi everybody,

it seems I have a Problem the search function couldn’t provide a solution for. But probably i’m just to stupid to find it

My Sansa won’t start anymore. Message says not enough spacefor db.

I would like to make more room, but the Sansa itself is not recognized anymore, neither in Explorer nor in the administration section (I don’t know the exact name in english windows).

Only the msd chip is recognized. I’ve tried to take the msd chip out to make the database smaller, but got the same message.

Also it seems I can’t start in rescue mode. All it says is please unlock the hold switch and then system shutdown.

I guess it would be best to install new firmware, but how am I supposed to do that with no recovery mode and Sansa updater also not recognizing the player?

Have you got any tips for me?



I tried to connect under Ubuntu, the player connected, but can’t be accessed. Status on the Player is “Reading” even after 10 minutes.

Next Edit. I managed to find the Device in the Administration section. It does not show up in the List on the top, but in the grey boxes beneath. It is marked unreadable (translation from german)



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