Sansa e260 music videos

Does anyone know the name of the music videos that are preloaded on the Sansa e260? I’ve been trying to find one of the songs that was in the form of a music video for about 8 years now.

I saved the stuff that was on my Sansa e280 when I got it. There were nearly 20 mp3 songs, but the only video was a demo of the e200 series player features (in .avi format). That video appears to have no sound, although the walkthrough shows one of the included songs: “You Closer” from Gretchen Lieberum’s album Siren Songs. Soft jazz/pop. Is that the one you’re thinking of?

That’s all there was for video. I’d be surprised if the e260 content was significantly different, but who knows.

I miss my little Sansa. Used it happily for several years, then finally got a smartphone and switched to a gesture-based player app on that.

Below is a simple listing of the original MP3s (copied/pasted). Good luck with your hunt!

  • Alias & Ehren/Lillian/Cobbelstoned Waltz.mp3*
  • Andrew Paul Woodworth/Single/Starting To Turn.mp3*
  • Carl Mann/Single/Mona Lisa.mp3*
  • Felonious/Up To Something/The Music.mp3*
  • Franc D’Ambrosio/Single/Danny Boy.mp3*
  • Gretchen Lieberum/Siren Songs/You Closer.mp3*
  • Jones Gang/Any Day Now/Angel.mp3*
  • Kevin Carlberg/When The Muse Visits/Morning After.mp3*
  • Loquat/It’s Yours To Keep/Swingset Chain.mp3*
  • Los Pinguos/Fumaza/Fumaza.mp3*
  • Recliner/Tranquilizer/Leaving Hollywood.mp3*
  • Red Thread/Ship in the Attic, Birds in the Subway/Wax Museum.mp3*
  • Stroke 9/Cafe Cuts/Little Black Backpack.mp3*
  • Stroke 9/Cafe Cuts/Next Time.mp3*
  • The Caroline Movement/West By God/Highway Appeal.mp3*
  • The Procession/Single/Major & Minor.mp3*
  • The Shanghai Restoration Project feat. Amos Winbush/The Shanghai Restoration Project/Babylon of the Orient.mp3*
  • The Slip/Single/Even Rats.mp3*
  • Umphrey’s McGee/Safety In Numbers/Women Wine and Song.mp3*