Sansa e260 LCD lights not working??


            My sansa player e260 screen wasnt working but the unit is operating and everything, I found out that the lights is not working… Can any one help me?? By the way im in Egypt There is no support center here i think. :cry:

Here are some Images:

Screen with flash:

Screen Cable  or whatever it is:     (FRONT)      (BACK)

I founds this fix on another thread and it worked for me.

Take the back cover off by unscrewing the 4 little screws.  If its like mine, there will be a black rectangle running horizontally across the top.  When a smaller rectangle inside that one running vertically to the right of the middle.  Gently press on the smaller rectangle until you feel/hear a little pop (like pressing a button).  I took the battery out and waited about 5 minutes before putting it back in and turning it on.  Didn’t think it was gonna work and I’m not sure why it did, but it has saved my media player!!!