sansa e260 freeze on sandisk logo screen

My sandisk e260 player freeze on sandisk logo screen, it does not pass the screen. i tried the format trick using recovery mode by adding the sansa.fmt in the 16 MB format drive. aslo tried the latest firmware update in the player using recovery mode. but no effect.

Please suggest some other solution for this problem.

the sandisk logo screen shown on the player and it freezes there. no error message nothing.

Formatting and re-applying the firmware are about all one can do to solve any problem with the newer Sansa players. Fortunately, there are a couple other tricks you can try with the older e200 series.

As these players are designed to be taken apart (4 screws on back) you can try removing the battery for a few minutes, allowing any memory glitch (if that’s the problem) to dissipate.

If this doesn’t do it, and since you have a v1 model player (evidenced by the fact you have a Recovery mode), there’s one other possibility. There’s a memory module (chip) attached to a small ‘daughter board’ that is plugged into the main mother (circuit) board. This has been known to loosen over time or from a jolt (like dropping it) to where the connection is broken.

See this post (and accompanying thread) for a picture showing you what to look for. With a little further dis-assembly (4 additional screws) you can get past the battery and into the guts of the player. A firm press downward on the piece of foam protecting the memory chip and daughter board may reseat it. You might hear (or feel) a small click as it snaps back into place.

If neither of these help I’m afraid he’s dead, Jim. Good luck! :smiley: