Sansa E260/Ford Sync

I am able to hear my music through aux on my Ford Fusion,  but when I select USB, it says “No Media Files Found”. I have both Rhaspody subscriptions and purchased music on the Sansa.  Anyone?

You know, it would be really cool if the Sync could read those Rhapsody files, but that’s a limitation of Windows Media Audio and media rights.  The Ford is considered a separate device, so the files can’t play.  The Sync software wants to address the Sansa as a flash drive, meaning you must connect in MSC mode to allow the radio head unit to read the files.

To enjoy your subscription media, we have to use the AUX input only.  At least you can navigate using the device’s controls.

If you have unprotected files in MSC mode, the Sync system can read them directly.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

It’d be cool to have a device which sits in the middle and translates between MSC and MTP.  :-)

Hey, you can actually do that.  If you load some music, for the car, in MSC mode, the Sync system will play the tunes.  The Sansa will play everything, regardless of the mode used for transfer.  Of course, you can only hear the protected media via the AUX (analog audio) method.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: