Sansa e260- Dead - Loading issue

Alright, so a year or two ago I got a Sansa e260 4 gig mp3 player. The hold button broke a while in but a friend of mine removed it and it worked fine without it for quite a long time. I was quite pleased with my little player…Until it started glitching on me. Screen fadeing to white, then eventually progressing to black. Sometimes it didnt want to turn off until I heald the button for a few minutes…

Now, it wont do anything. It got to where it just said it was loading on and on and on. We searched the net looking for solutions and tried a few things, now it says that the main image fails to load, and to go into recovery mode. I’m at a loss, my techy friends are at a loss. Am I basicly out an mp3 player for good or is there anything left to try?

I hope I didnt leave out any info. I’ve been useing it with Rhapsody and I’m not sure of how updated and all that and now I dont know how to check. But any info would help.

Edit: Oh, also I’m not sure of the version because the print has worn off from useage. All I can see is the “260”, I’m fairly sure it has nothing after it, but I could be wrong.

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