Sansa E250

Just found my trusty old E250 which I thought I had lost on holiday a couple of years ago.

Had foolishly binned the mains charger, as I thought it was redundant.

Now I need to charge the E250 as it’s totally flat. Will the USB cable charge it adequately from my laptop, and if so, anyone know if it takes longer?

thanks for any help


It should, but laptops can sometimes be funny. Their goal in life is to conserve energy, not expend it. All I can say is try it and see. Make sure the laptop is plugged into AC power and not funning off its internal battery at the time.

3-4 hrs. should be enough for a full charge, but be aware it may not come back to life having been in a totally discharged state for so long.

USB and AC chargers work equally well.

Thanks Tapeworm & Saratoga for super fast replies! Laptop is connected to mains, and as its fairly new, USB seems to offer high enough power. Good news - E250 powered up & operated after just 30 mins, but I’ve now left it to fully charge.

Thanks again - first post, and couldnt ask for more:wink:

Sweet! The e200 series is the “Sherman Tank” of SanDisk’s line of mp3 players. Personally I think it was the best one they ever made. Guaranteed you’ll never see one like it again.

I agree, the e200 is the best machine. It gets even better!  If the device won’t hold a charge, the internal lithium ion battery is replaceable just like a mobile phone.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: