Sansa e250 issue

My Sansa e250 has just sat there and collected dust for the longest time and I need to get it working again so I can copy the songs I had on it and sync them to my phone. The problem is that the player has a broken screen, powers on only  when plugged in, and the blue ring glows for about 15 seconds before shutting off again. I want to recover the data from the player without losing it.

You don’t have these songs backed up on your computer or another drive somewhere? If you can get it to stay connected you can copy them off to your computer for re-transfer to another device, but if this isn’t possible then I don’t know what to advise . . . :confounded:

Edit: A long shot, but maybe try a different USB port or a different computer?

Nope, not backed up anywhere, device can’t even boot to start.

seems no way can recover