Sansa e250 45 second boot up time every time?

Is it normal for the Sansa e250 to refresh the Database every time it is turned on even if nothing was added or removed from the player?

It’s annoying having to wait 45 seconds until I can start to listen to my music, listed to the radio or use the voice recorder to record something

If it is a v1 model and you have a memory card inserted, yes. It will refresh the database every time you turn it on. If no memory card is inserted, it won’t.

This was changed when the v2 variant of the e200 series arrived on the scene. A different processor chip and firmware eliminated the need for the refresh on start-up when a card is detected in the slot.

My e250 goes through the Refresh Database cycle every time I start it with no memory card inserted.

Mine does that too, ever since I put in my microSD memory extension card. It’s annoying at times, but it’s nothing to worry about.