Sansa E200R

I have nothing at all…

I plugged my Sansa E200R into a IPOD deck at a recent stay at a Hilton hotel. At first it seemed as though it was going to work and then the player showed all lines almost as if there was interference or something. I took it out of the deck and it wouldn’t shut off or do anything. The next morning there was nothing at all. I have tried the soft boot and also taking the battery out and hooking up directly to the USB port and still nothing… any ideas??

Thanks for any info (it is not under warranty it is about 2 or three years old)

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iPoods send power on the wrong pins for a Sansa- usually DESTROYING the circuits in the Sansa.

You can try taking it apart (look for the Broken Headphone Jack thread for instructions,) removing the “RAM chip” and soft booting it, then putting it all back together and see if it works.

I doubt it will ever work again though. :frowning: