Sansa e200r Rhapsody (BestBuy) -vacation - dual voltage question?

We have had an e200r unit for several years now, and we charge it sometimes by plugging the USB cable into a wall adapter instead of using the computer to charge it.

We will be vacationing in Europe this summer, and I cannot locate any answer to my question anywhere on the web.

The USB Wall (A/C) Adapter  is Dual Voltage capable (I will need a plug adapter for the correct prong configuration for the countries we will be visiting, but for this USB adapter, I would NOT  need a  CONVERTER.)

We are NOT bringing a laptop computer on this trip…so we were hoping to be able to use the same USB Wall adapter to charge the e200r.

QUESTION – is the e200r itself considered dual voltage?  Would we still be able to JUST plug it into the USB adapter we have been using at home in the USA?  or would that fry the unit ?  I am thinking the USB adapter converts the A/C current to the USB port, and that would still happen. The USB adapter manages the power coming in from the wall to output the correct power to the USB port ??

Sorry if I sound dumb, but this is all new to me.


The e200 takes 5v from a USB plug, nothing else. If you’re charger works in a country, then it will provide 5v to the player.

Thank you.

So - If I understand your reply, the dual-voltage USB-to-AC adapter we already use continue to output the correct power to the USB port to charge the e200r.

THat makes things so much easier !