Sansa e200: Some suggestions


I would like to make some suggestions for the next firmware of the e200 serie:

  • Make the random option REALLY random, not just to put all the songs in order and play them in the same order all the time.

  • If you could bring back the stereo recording for FM radio, it could be great. But keep the right pitch, please.


It would be nice to be able to select “Play All” and have things play in a different order than before. But what I do is choose  which song I want to play first and then let it shuffle through. What I really want is to only hear each song once when I shuffle through an album, genre, or whatever.

It would be nice to be able to place directories at the root directory – with icon of course. This way you could keep Music in one directory, Books in another, Other audio in another and they would not get all mixed together when you do a “Play all” selection. Thus, separating different types of audio files.

You can sorta do this if you set up the different tracks and albums as different genres on the player. So when you goto genre you could have all your audio books listed as one genre and then use “play all” that way.

i really enjoy my e250 player, i don’t know if this could be fixed with an updated firmware. i bought this player for one purpose. the ability to record from fm. i attend conventions that broadcast on an inbuilding fm signal for hard of hearing. it would be cool if i could record at a smaller bit rate than 256kbps. presently i can only get about 4 hrs worth. at a smaller rate i could record far more of the convention. just a thought.