Sansa e200 play list is not displaying and Showing 'Bad Trak"

I have Sansa e 200 . I added my favourite Play list around 2 GB . One day i heard the songs . The very next day it is not displaying any songs in the List . It is displaying only one song and when you play that song it is showing " Bad Trak " and not playing song … Can you please tell me how to format the songs and add the new playlist … Can you tell me how to delete the Bad traks …

I have the same **bleep** problem, except it also won’t shut off, as if it’s frozen and when you push any combination of buttons, it won’t do anything…I think it’s safe to say that it’s f*cked.

oh, and mine’s a Sansa e 260 4.0 G, but not a 2.0.

I replied in your previous post… If you hold down the power button for about 30 seconds, it should shut itself off.