Sansa e200 Connection Issues & SanDisk MicroSD

I’ve been using the Sansa e250 for some months now and all has been fine. In fact, we liked it so much we just purchased an e280 (not Rhapsody). In order to use the new Sansa with my Altec Lansing speakers, I went online to update the firmware. Then I got a message that before updating the firmware, the Updater itself needed modifying.

Well, after going through the process, I encountered some strange behavior in my players. The computer (Windows XP) would not recognize the player when it connected (regardless of USB mode). So I read other postings in this helpful forum, learned about recovery mode, etc. After going into recovery mode, I tried the Updater and the message came that my firmware was up to date already (ver1.02.18). I read about how to go down to earlier firmware, but wondered if that meant it would no longer play on my speakers. (I also tried using both cables I had and switching SD cards – with no effect on the problem.)

I decided to take my 2.0gb SanDisk microSD out of its slot, and then connect. That worked and the computer recognized the player, but it meant I had no extra storage. So I reinserted the SD card and decided to turn on the player first, let the database refresh, and then connect the cable to the computer. That did it…but now I can see the music folder in internal memory only if I use the MTP mode. (In MSC mode I can see only the Photo, Record, & Video folders in internal memory.) So, by switching from one USB mode to the other before connecting and having the player already on, I can once again use all the storage.

I wonder if something happened when the Updater was modified (8/11/07), since the changes began then. Just wanted to share my experience in case it might help someone, or maybe there’s an explanation.

I’m really not sure what the initial problem was, but I may know why you can’t see your Music folder when you connect in MSC mode.

Next time you try connecting in MSC mode and you get to the screen where you see only the Video, Photo, etc folders, go to the Tools Menu at the top of the screen. Then you’ll want to pick Folder Options and then if you click on the View tab, about half way down you’ll see something that says Show Hidden Files and Folders.

If it doesn’t have a dot next to it, put one there, press apply and voila! Your missing Music folder should reappear.

If by chance you already have that selected … then I’ve got no clue. :smiley: Sorry ^^;;

Thanks, MsRayne! I followed your instructions and my Music folder did reappear. That will make things easier! :smiley:

The way the Sansa interacts with a Micro SD card leaves much to be desired. Take a read of the problems I ran into in my thread: Inserted Micro SD card causes e260 to fail to connect to PC

As I note, the fact that so many of Sandisk’s support staff were unaware of how this works caused me to go to a lot of unnecessary effort. Until they update the firmware (if that can fix it) and can eliminate the constant refreshing of the database upon boot up, there are going to be "issues.

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Does anyone know why the MUSIC folder is hidden?

Hi, sorry not to comment again before now, but I’ve been busy the last two days in the challenges of installing Norton Internet Security 2007.

I read your thread, All Steamed, and my experience has been (since the recent change in my Sansa’s behavior) that every time the system starts in either USB mode, I get a “refresh database” message. The refresh process takes longer when in the MSC mode. It would have been helpful if the Sansa instructions had included some additional guidelines on using MicroSD cards.

Andre, I don’t know why it’s this way, but not only is the Music folder “hidden,” but so are the Pictures, Playlists, and System folders.

With computers and other technology, I’ve learned to appreciate just when I can get the things to work (even if I don’t understand why).:smiley: