sansa e130 won't go past 'creating music library file'

i got it in the mail, plugged it in, transferred music files, unplug, Creating music library file


what am i doing wrong? can i fix this?

How did you transfer the music files? I’d suggest the you use the guide below and see if you missed anything.,-create-playlists-and-transfer-music-to-a-sansa-player-using

i just dragged files from one open window to the sansa’s window :confused:

I’m just amazed you were able to buy a 10 year old mp3 player in a store.

lol right. amazon tho

Most likely one (or more) of the files has an ID3 tag that can’t be read by the player during its database refresh. Get the free MP3TAG software and set it to write format ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Open up your files in it (from the computer, _ not _ the player) and re-save them in this format. Also check that there is nothing in the Comments field and edit out any strange or foreign characters anywhere. Save and delete the files from the player and then transfer over the newly edited ones.

In my case (e140) i formated player using Win7 and FAT32 instead of FAT. Files were gone, but easy to recover. After formating with FAT everything works fine.