Sansa display wrong filename - 0F0100000_ArtistExample-SongExample.mp3

Saved about 1,9GB of MP3 files on the player -  they all come with correct ID3Tag (v1=1, V2 =2.23) and new renamed file names. 

The file name is shown wrong inside the display of Sandisk Sansa, showing a long number in front of the original file name. About 30% of those files are wrong making a mess in the folder.  

I do not know why this long number has been added to many of the files - not to every file.

For example - the original audio MP3 file name sown in win7-64 bit and everything else (winamp and other players) everything shows them 100% correct but this player does not.   

Orinina namel:   ArtistExample-SongExample.mp3

Wrong name on player Sandisk Sansa inside display only - 0F0100000_ArtistExample-SongExample.mp3

I do not know why did happens- it is cleary something with the player software and I cannot get rid of this

Oh - after reading many of the posts - I found the problem

Soloution is/was using the MSC mode in 

Settings > system settings > USB modus > MSC

realising the difference in windows explorer - the connected player icon is shown now as a hard drive instead of the original graphic icon.

OK all works fine now

Yep–you found what seems to be the solution. MTP mode can just be, well, glitchy.

So ok this has me confused.

oaxao states that he had it in MSC mode and that was his problem so changed to MTP mode.

But then Mikerman states that MTP mode can be glitchy?

So which is the best mode to use under windows 7?  

I have the same issue where the file names are pre-pended with an ID.

I can see this ID in the MTABLE.SYS file when connected in MSC mode but cannot edit it.

So what is the recommended way to remove the pre-pended ID?

Thanks for reading sorry for draggin up an old post.

I have a Sansa clip + 8GB