sansa crashes computer

when I plug it into the computer via usb to charge it, the computer crashes! what can I do that will make the computer stop crashing when I plug it in? Is there a different way to charge it? Plugging it in the computer is the only way I have to charge it that I know of… does anyone else have this problem?

If a USB device can crash your computer, its in bad shape. I would format and reinstall windows.

My husband’s sansa fuze+ doesn’t do this when we plug it in, or his kindle, but my sansa clip does. Are there firmware issues with the sansa clip that could cause this?

It may be a computer hardware issue with the USB connection–have had that on IBM Thinkpads in the past (a known issue).  You might try another USB port. 

@miikerman wrote:


You might try another USB port. 


Or a different cable. A pin might be bent or wire(s) inside broken or touching shorting it out.

Quite so!