sansa converter download.

evidently I had an old version of the medial converter for my sansa fuze. I need to know if anyone knows a fast way of downloading the converter. I have a dial up and was 75% of the way when my computer kicked me out of the download. It initially gave me 5hrs to download… now it says it will take 29 hrs… no way can I do that.  I like the product but …

Have you tried the link here on the forum? Says it’s 101mb. On dial-up, that should probably take about 30 min. I figure.

Thanks Tapeworm… this looks like the same site I went to initially. It may take longer than 30 mins. It is moving along now at a faster clip. My hat is off to you!!!  

  Perhaps it’s the way downloads are handled by my ISP, but the transfer rate is about 5 KB/sec for a download.  That works out to about 5 1/2 hours for the download to complete. My wife and I both have Fuzes which were purchased refurbed/used without the installation disc. I only have dial-up at home, but I have broadband at work, so downloading it there is no problem.  Is there a way to download it using my work’s broadband connection onto a flash drive and installing on my home computer from there?

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Just downloaded and used the converter for the first time.  My photos look great on my Fuze!  No problems.