Sansa Converter details and possible solution

The converter does actually work… after some Trial and errors I found that where it jams up is in transferring media to the external media

the converter cant set up the folders properly on the sd card so when it wants to carry over the thm thumbnail with the actual video it just freaks out… what i figured out is that once you convert your file you have a thm thumbnail in your sansa temp folder… copy and paste that file along with the video you wanted into your video folder in your sdhc card using your sdhc adapter (meaning without your actualy sansa player) anyones once you get that thm file out of temp and get it with your vid in your vid folder your good to go… 

hope this helps… hopefully they’ll fix this bug so that the program actually sets up the card for you and keeps it architecture…

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I don’t have enough time you test this with several formats … so far I’ve only tried it on .mov,   also I added the codecs and direct9x add ons from the other “solution post” yet it still got errors… only after I got the files out of the temp forlder did it work

OH I forgot to mention that the video file has to be written into your FUZE first then copied out to the sdhc card with the thm file

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