sansa connet

How i get my sansa out of recovery mode?

Every time i try to use recovery toll says could’n recover or so.

If you are follwing the proper steps for using the recovery tool on a Connect that needs it(and your unit still won’t recover), it sounds like your unit is bad, and it can’t recover.

Here’s what to do(anyone correct me if I’m wrong):

1)  Download the recovery tool.  I suggest downloading it to a PC that runs on Windows XP, as it seems to work better.

2)  Boot your Sansa in recovery mode.  The instructions are on this forum.  The screen will tell you to connect to a PC with the recovery tool if it’s done right.

3)  Connect to your PC and wait.  The recovery tool will auto-start and take it from there, just be sure to follw the prompts and DO NOT disconnect the Sansa.  If all goes well, your Sansa will be recovered and you can download your media content.  If it  displays the message “Cannot Recover”, your Sansa is bad.

The instructions are also at