Sansa Connect, YAHOO will not reconnize on portable device

When I plug in my device Yahoo will not reconize device so I cannot download music.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


I’m not sure if you mean connecting the device into Yahoo! Music Jukebox or the Yahoo! Service via WiFi.  If you are referring to the Yahoo! Music Jukebox application on your computer, the reason may be that you are running an older version of the firmware.  Check to see if you’re running version by navigating to “home>settings>info>software versions” on your device.  If you are running that version, try resetting your device by holding the power button for 20 seconds and then releasing it.  If you are connecting your device to a USB hub, try connecting directly to the computers USB port instead… and if you aren’t having any luck with one particular port, try another port.  Check out the FAQ for more information on connection issues. 

Hope this helps.


I’m assuming you just got the Connect. You probably need the firmware update and a few tips from the new FAQs and User Manual.

Check out this link for everything you might need.

If you did just get the Connect, you can use either of the below methods to get the new firmware.

Q: How do I update the Sansa Connect firmware?
The Sansa Connect firmware updates automatically via the WiFi interface when a new firmware is released. If a newer firmware is available, it will download to the Connect when you are using a WiFi feature (such as Internet Radio or viewing Flickr Daily Photos). Typically the update process will start within 10 minutes of WiFi activity. Be sure to completely power off and on the Connect after the download to complete the installation.

Q: What is the Sansa Connect Recovery Tool?
The Sansa Connect Recovery Tool can be used to reformat and re-install the latest firmware version to a Sansa Connect. This can be used when you believe the Connect is not functioning anymore. You can find the Recovery Tool here. There are two things to do before starting the Recovery Mode. First, charge the Connect for at least 20 minutes using the AC charger to ensure this is not a battery depletion problem. Second, hold the power button for 8-10 seconds to ensure the Connect has turned OFF. After these steps, you can put the Connect into Recovery Mode and use the Recovery Tool.

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