sansa connect & sansa e260

i am new to mp3 players. i understand the e260 has a fm tuner, but what about the sansa connet. in addition to the wi-fi option, does it have a regular fm tuner.  i was told at radio shack that music could be downloaded from anywhere on the e260, what about the sansa connect. the e260 has a playlist, i was told the sansa connect didn’t???

FM tuner:

e260: yes

Connect: no, but you can listen to Y! internet radio when WiFi connection available

Music transfer:

e260: transfer songs from your computer using USB

Connect: transfer songs from your computer using USB and subscription music remotely via WiFi connection.  If you have a Y! Music Unlimited To Go subscription, you can transfer any music from their 2M+ library anywhere you can make a WiFi connection.


e260: Create playlists using computer media player, transfer via USB.  Create playlists on device by flagging tracks as they are played (“Go” list).

Connect: Create playlists using computer media player, transfer via USB.  You can also create subscription music playlists on Y! Music Unlimited, and they will appear and play as streaming music via an active WIFi connection.  The Connect does not have “Go” list playlist creation capability.

Both models play videos and allow for memory expansion.

Which one to choose??  If you are willing to invest in a Y! Music Unlimited To Go subscription (about $15/month), choose the Connect.  You will get streaming internet radio, access to their entire library of music, ability to download songs you hear on internet radio “on the fly”, and add it to your music library.  You can also buy music tracks, transfer ripped CD music, and, if you keep your digital photos on Flickr, you can view them via WiFi on the Connect.  If your’re into discovering new music, having access to the latest releases, the Connect and Y! susbscription is unbeatable.  The Connect is a great MP3 player, but its many unique features and capabilities need the Y! Music Unlimited To Go subscription to work.

If susbscription music and the Y! Music Unlimited To Go isn’t for you, and your interest is to listen to standard FM radio and transfer music you have ripped from your CD’s, or purchased online, then the e260 probably makes more sense for you.

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Clarification: You can create playlists on the Connect using Yahoo! Music Jukebox or WMP. The playlists will download to the Connect (not play as streaming music). You can download subscription music from Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go service using Yahoo Music Jukebox or via the Get More Music feature on the Connect using the WiFi.

Playlists downloaded via USB will play music resident on the Connect and appear under Music Library>Playlists and Mixes.  Playlists which are download via WiFi from Y! servers will appear in Get More Music>My Y! Playlists.  These will stream subscription music and the tracks do not need to be resident on your player (provided you have a To Go subscription) while you have an active WIFi connection.