Sansa Connect question- Playing audio books, incorrect time elapsed/clip length

Hi- I recently purchased a Sansa Connect, and with the directions here was able to add the wifi radio capability- thanks to those who contributed to that thread.

Over the weekend, I uploaded an audio book to my Connect, and discovered that the displayed time elapsed and audio clip are incorrect.  They appear to be off by approximately a factor of ten (reading one tenth of the true values.)  Has anybody else noticed this? 

Is this a function of the firmware used to gain the internet radio?  Or, perhaps it would have done the same prior to the update?  Is there a way to get the correct readouts, without losing the internet radio?

Thanks for your time!


My Connect has the same firmware, and it has numerous OverDrive audiobooks and podcasts.  They all display what looks like the correct length in hours/min./sec., and tick off the seconds correctly as it’s playing.  Not sure what you mean by the “audio clip,” but everything looks ok on the display for my OverDrive audiobooks.