Sansa Connect problem

Ok I had the Sansa Media Converter since I had my Sansa e250. But it got stolened =[. But anyways I bought the Connect and it updated and it said it could play videos if i used the sansa media converter, so i was happy. but it dosent notice that my connect is connected. it says its up to date because i tried to update it obviously. my connect is also totally up to date. idk if its because I had it for the e250 or what.

I use Any-video converter for my sansa connect. Go to

then make sure the settings are like this

ok i got all that done, but it converts an takes FOREVER to send to the connect. you think its a computer problem or if its my connect not accepting it? i dont get the message that it wont work or anything it just takes forever to get into the connect and the connect goes into sleep mode before anything happens.

try it on another computer and see if its the computer or the player. Should answer your question.