Sansa Connect makes "skipping/scratching" noises when playing music.

Hi.  My Connect recently started making “skipping” sounds occasionally when playing music.  It almost sounds like a DJ scratching a record (That’s the best way I can describe it).  Anyway, I did notice it started after I had performed the recovery tool recently.  I ran the recovery tool again and it still makes the sound.  Anyone have any idea what I can do about this?  Has anyone else had this trouble?

It’s not my music…I tested the files on the computer and they playback fine.  So what to do?

If recovery tool was used a couple time and the problem persists, You probably have a hardware problem.

I recommend calling SanDisk Support.

Yes, I’ve used the recovery tool several times now and the problem still exists.  I’m going to follow your suggestion and call Tech Support tonight.