Sansa Connect losing wifi ability

If you own a Sansa Connect what are you planning to do now that the wifi technology is being removed?  I’ve owned one for less than a year and I love the wifi technology.  I never had to connect to the pc to get my songs.  I currently have nearly 500 songs and I hate that the functionality will no longer work.   I’ve considered the ibiza Rhapsody as another option, but it’s nearly twice the cost of what I paid for the Sansa Connect.  Doesn’t seem fair to those who purchased the Connect and have had no problems.  I’m spoiled with this wifi technology and I don’t want to get an ipod or another player that doesn’t offer it.  So if you own a Sansa Connect and love the wifi technology…let me know what you are planning to do.  I’ve love to know what others are doing.

I’m considering Law suit. Possibly class action law suit. I just spent an hour on the phone with sandisk, and they first tried to get me to call Yahoo instead. Then they tried to convince me that they could send me a new one. But they won’t refund my purchase, even though I’m under warranty.

There is hell to pay, and I’m not stopping till I get mine.